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1. | Apr 17, 2018
2. | Apr 16, 2018
3. | Feb 16, 2018
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4. | Jan 22, 2018
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5. | Jan 8, 2018
6. | Apr 21, 2014
I saw the don't vote campaign and the ad is not meant to oenffd, its saying if everything is ok then why is the noose and mentioning lynching like Bill O'Riley did to Michelle Obama, still relevant and gas prices the way it is to the point we will make our own soldiers, U.S. citizens die in a war over oil. The president is the commander in chief and makes many important decisions like Chanel said. Its a reason why when Clinton was in office we were better than when Bush was in office, hint the president and vice president.
7. | Dec 22, 2013
Rumor has it that Ambassador Stevens was supposed to be taken hsagote, and the kenyan fraud was to be heralded by the msm for exhibiting consistent bravery in Ambassador Stevens rescue. CNN revealed the Ambassador's alleged diary when the plan didn't turn out as anticipated. Think about that . .. CNN managed to obtain these documents but the FBI was held up for two weeks from access. The enemy now potentially has the identity of every Libyan who worked with American diplomats. The same enemy which allegedly reciprocated the treatment ultimately received by Gaddafi at the time of his demise. . ..The current administrations re-election plans for an October surprise was the obstacle preventing increased security for this ambassador. The assault was live video-cast by drone, and caught the unsuspecting fools in the White House by surprise. Their grand October surprise, complete with film preview as excuse for widespread anti-first amendment violent protests . . .blew up in their faces.It is also why the White House was dazed and confused by the actual events. It wasn’t going to be a bloody sacrifice, just a taking of prisoners. This administration is hoping for a viable fall guy, with Watergate didn't spill any blood. Benghazi's-October-surprise-gone-bad resulted in the violent death of four Americans. If this rumor is confirmed as fact, this plan' should cost this administration and it's enablers to endure far more extensive torment than a lost election.
8. | Dec 20, 2013
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9. | Dec 19, 2013
Be careful Steve. You are now caurpted by your analysis that Obama is a writer of rare grace and delicacy. Therefore you buy into this notion that Obama is a man of letters who consumes serious modern novels. I'm sceptical about his identity as a writer. First of all if he's a writer why doesn't he ever write?I'm trying to be a writer myself. That's why I write all these comments. I try to see if I can fashion a decent mini-essay every day on whatever topic you introduce. Some times I try to be humorous. Sometimes I try to be solemn. But mainly I just practice. Jerry Pournelle suggested in one of his columns that the way to learn to write is to write. Malcolm Gladwell got rich pushing his deep insight that "practice makes perfect".Obama is unique as a Harvard Law Review president in that he never wrote. There are no records of his letters. He doesn't write his own speeches. Indeed he never seems to have written anything at all except for the two autobiographies. Each bio has a different style which tends to support the ghost writer narrative.Writing is work and Obama never has been able to sustain a long effort at an unpleasant task. He needs to appear on a stage before his worshipers every few days. He's at social functions or hobnobbing with celebrities continuously. He does not seem to be the kind of guy who locks himself in an attic room every morning and doesn't emerge until he has a thousand words on paper. There is much more evidence that Ronald Reagan was a writer but everyone thinks he only read Zane Gray.This list of novels that has emerged from his press agent feeds into Obama's image as a literary maven. That could be because it's true, or it could be because it just fits so nicely.Consider the alternatives. They could have released a list of history books - but Obama clearly knows little history. They could have listed books on economics - same objection. Some commenters above think Gore and Gingrich read science - they don't, but Obama must read even less. Gingrich has an image as a nerdy scientist type but he's really a pretty good writer of alternative history. He might read Mitchell, not Obama.No, I think a "man of letters" is the safest cover for Obama. No one in the press room is likely to engage the President in an impromptu discussion of the modern novel.Albertosaurus