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User Comments:
1. | Jul 22, 2014
JC, if you are going to do a story on this please call seeavrl BIG EAST coaches and ask them if they have ever had incidental contact with a recruit. Ask them if they have ever been approached by a recruit? And ask them if they exchanged quick pleasantries and moved on. Don't just put BG on trial because of a hit piece on If you do that then the si.hit piece will have served it purpose- to perpetuate rumor and innuendo.And also ask Cheek and other recruits if they have ever had any words/contact of this kind with any other coach(s) during the recruiting process? Also, ask Cheek and other recruits if any coaches talk trash about their fellow coaches.And please name names. Enough with anonymous attacks.PLEASE don't put BG on trial unless EVERYBODY has to sit on the witness stand and answer questions with a thousand watt light bulb shining on their face.In fact, I hereby volunteer to assist you with research, phone calls, interviewing and writing.
2. | Jun 27, 2014
Bob the sad part of this is that even the editorial bordas of the gannet papers are for the most part endorsing the status quo. i get the home news and they were endorsing the same people that were named in gannets special series.On the same day that one of the Middlesex Democrats was named as being a possible successor to Lynch they ran an editorial praising his work in trenton.I have also been looking at the app editorials and as fast as the Home News endorses the democrats the App endorses the incumbent Repuplicans. On top of that most of the campaign signs that are now littering the roads do not use the words re-elect,which is just another part of the deceptive campaigns.So when will it change?