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1. | Dec 2, 2013
Branding is the key, when you are trying to sell a prudcot. What these adverts do and still do is put that brand into our minds and keep them there. Yes, some of the ads do have a retro' look to them, but some of them could be still used today (like the Calvin Klein and Converse ads). The old adverts and branding are starting to re-used. For instance, monster munch crisps have re-released their old crisp packaging to send a message to their customers that they are still the same as they used to be.
2. | Dec 2, 2013
I find Jillian Michaels really iinamiditntg. I really enjoy EA active for the Wii. You can make your own workouts or have the game make the workouts for you. They last anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour. And you can work out with a friend which is important for me for motivation.
3. | Nov 30, 2013
Andy, I thought you were a big foollwer of the Richard Simmons "Sweatin to the Oldies" workout series Seriously, I just bought the P90X program and have managed to take the first step of tearing the plastic off the outside of the box. I've got all the required gear from various sporting goods stores in Saint John to do this program. Regretfully, I learned that none of these stores sell motivation. Great job on the blog it looks like it is getting a lot of activity.
4. | Nov 17, 2013
Scentsy products are so ploapur that I notice them specified in garage sale ads in our local paper. People also list them in the classified section under For Sale, especially when someone is getting out of the business. I also run across at garage sales, which is quite a find. I have my own collection, and even use one in my daughter's room. She loves it, and it makes a great night light.
5. | Nov 16, 2013
3 of 3 people found the foilwolng review helpful I love, they are too adorable, June 11, 2011Bya0 Amazon Verified Purchase() This review is from: I was really nervous that these leg warmers would be too big for my petite 4yr old. A lot of the stores locally told me they don't make leg warmers for ballet in her size. Very disappointed. When we received them in the mail they fit perfectly and were absolutely adorable!!Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0 Yoga Mama says: 1 of 1 people found the foilwolng review helpful Great Colors & Amazing Quality!, December 23, 2010Bya0 This review is from: My 5 year old daughter loves these! She wears them to ballet class and loves wearing them around the house to well basically everywhere. They fit my three year old as well. They're great pulled up as well as scrunched down. Easy to wash and dry and colors retain their brilliance.Help other customers find the most helpful reviewsa0Was this review helpful to you?a0 | a0 CategoriesMain Menu Recent Articles Article Archives
6. | Aug 27, 2013
I sympathize with you and Loppy Eyed. I own two vests (sorry, but they are arnoga and heavenly). One I live in during waking hours, the other whilst sleeping. 24/7. From Fall to Spring. I could not survive without them. When warmish weather first hit our area, I thought I'd give them a rest since they do show signs of constant wear. For several weeks afterward I regretted that big decision; I was miserable. I'm amazed at how dependent I have become on them. Our temperatures have been on a roller coaster so it's been hard to judge how to dress or adjust the window/door situation. Alas, don't we go through this every Spring? But always it is a conundrum. If only it were as simple as donning some crocheted ear coverings, sigh. What, by the way, is Loppy Eyed eating?
7. | Aug 23, 2013
I always thuoght that rule #1 for leg warmers was, Never ride in leg warmers'. If it is that cold then tights are best, otherwise leg warmers are for pre-ride only, to be stripped off just before you go. The VLWT (visible leg warmer top) just proves this rule should be only worn over shorts and removed once requisite temperature is achieved pre-ride.Breaking this rule will only end in the chafing at the top of your legs.
8. | Aug 15, 2013
I think he is trying to cvenoy how to turn a lick into a phrase. He takes a typical sweep arp, and then ends it. The point about too many notes , to me, is that adding more notes doesn't complete the phrase. It doesn't give it resolution. So instead of searching randomly for more notes to play, focus more on finding the right notes and phrasing to add resolution to to the lick. 
9. | Feb 12, 2012
ctXco1 I almost accidentally visited to this site, but stayed here for a long time. Stayed because everything was very interesting. Surely will share with all my friends!...