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1. | Aug 3, 2014
sHpLRM Muchos Gracias for your article post. Fantastic.
2. | Nov 15, 2013
I enjoyed this meetnig the best! I couldn't stop taking notes. Dwight, thank you for sharing Chuck! John & Bev Thank you for giving me this opportunity! The things that I took away from this were some personal and career strategies that can be practiced as often as you can.A few things:1. List out your Heroes & Mentors and describe them THINKING about it, I have quite a few. I take more from some than others, but all the attributes are important to craft myself, piecing together someone that I am proud of, and have it reflect in the people around me(especially my daughter who is 6 going on 16!!). DESCRIBING them is an important part of this step.2. List out your job path this was something that school teachers used to have us do in elementary school, back when all I cared about what how fast I could do the monkey bars. But NOW, knowing the vast expanse of places I can go and things that I can do, it is important to keep my job path in focus, Clearly, Vividly, Repeatedly, Constantly .3. For Teams: The Who: Everyone on the team needs to believe in the vision! We need to have one goal; that all our personal goals work for as well. Each member of the team needs to connect themselves to the brand and the vision. Another piece he talked about that played into this was Develop our People, Develop our Brand, Develop the Presence. I took a lot from this meetnig, personally and towards my career. These techniques (for lack of a better word) can be used in your daily errand schedule, family way of life, and enhancing your career. It is envisioning it and applying it that builds the foundation.
3. | Nov 12, 2013
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4. | Nov 1, 2013
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5. | Oct 9, 2013
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6. | Oct 8, 2013
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