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1. | Aug 3, 2014
iUG6cZ wow, awesome article post.Thanks Again. Will read on...
2. | Jul 22, 2014
Joe Donohue of the SL is reporting that the Governor has ok'd sricppang the Union's 1.5% contribution to its health plans.Guess that technical implementation-related point was solved in favor of the Unions.So one needs to buy Ms. Stainton a big bottle of wine. She may need it in the future to supplant some of her lost credibility. (and quite a shame, I may add)Boy if you didn't know any better, it would look like the Governor certainly bamboozled the taxpayers on this one (as well as giving cover to the Legislature)From the SL: The Senate budget committee was preparing today to vote on the state budget for the 2008 fiscal year but was held up over proposed changes in a contract with state workers.Just three months after signing off on a contract with the Communications Workers of America that traded pay hikes for increased employee payments toward health benefits, the Corzine administration has agreed to scrap a requirement that future retirees contribute 1.5 percent of their pensions toward the cost of their health benefits.The proposal would have an impact on the overall state budget, so members of the Senate budget committee want to see the details of the plan and its effect on the budget before they approve the $33.3 billion state spending plan for the fiscal year that starts July 1.
3. | Jun 28, 2014
P,1. Ed's initial anwser to Fred emphasizing truth in campaign communications opened the door to my example of where Washington Township Mayor Ken Short isn't living up to this standard. 2. If Fred thought my comments were inappropriate or off topic, I am sure he would not have published them.3. My blog averages about 150 hits a day and is approaching 9K hits in total. I am quite pleased with how well it has been received.4. You keep pointing things out I am sure some is listening somewhere.